Missional Living in Cleveland

“I first started living missionally with Jesus when He opened my eyes on a short-term mission trip” I’m Shirley Shiflet, and I had the opportunity to share about being on mission with Jesus daily in a small town with you all in this article. I want to share now about one particularly cool experience I’ve […]

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Who is Your Mission?

Think about this: there are people you walk past, sit beside, and talk to every single day who don’t have a relationship with Jesus. And then there are the people you don’t walk past, sit beside, or talk to that don’t know Jesus. Think about who those people are for a moment. According to the […]

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Is Your Student Ministry Missional?

Defining a Missional Student Ministry One of the questions I have been wrestling with lately is this, “Can you have a programmed, missional student ministry?” In other words, can you have a weekly gathering of students who are there to have fun, worship God, hear the Word preached, and engage in a small group while […]

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Pray like a Missionary

God calls every one of us to think and live like a missionary. We are ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). And we ought to pray like missionaries. Why don’t we pray like missionaries? You pray about what is important to you. When you have that huge exam, the big game, a job interview, or […]

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