Missional Skill Sets

Living on mission requires intentionality. Mastering these various rhythms of thinking, speaking, and acting will greatly enhance our presence as Salt and Light.

The Story

“How it all began, and how it will never end.”

Distributed by Spread Truth, The Story is a powerful tool in learning to share Jesus through the meta-narrative of all of history. Watch the video, check out the website, download the app, and start sharing the greatest story of all of time.

Explore The Story

Pray Invest Invite Pi2
A simple method that helps shape our heart, relationships, and actions around mission.
BLESS Acrostic
Begin with Prayer > Listen > Eat >Serve > Story. This helpful acrostic helps you be intentional in practicing mission in your daily life.
Similar to B.L.E.S.S. Author Michael Frost breaks down another helpful Missional Rhythms Acronym