Free eBook: Don’t Waste Your Mission Trip

Free eBook: “Don’t Waste Your Mission Trip”

Putting our Hearts in the Right Place Before Serving in Another Space

Are you going on a mission trip? Are you leading a team on a mission trip and looking for training materials that will prepare the hearts of your team for mission? Look no further. This 20-page free eBook is a great pre-trip resource for your team to work through. Complete with discussion/reflection questions, prayers, and memory verses so that your team can do the hard work of preparing their hearts for mission.

Available in PDF (print and distribute to your team) and eBook formats (ePub, Mobi)

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How to use this eBook

For students:

Are you going on a mission trip? Read through this eBook and prayerfully write down answers to the reflection questions. Say the prayers, memorize the verses and share what you are learning with wise Christian mentors in your life. Ask them to pray for you and your mission trip.

For mission trip leaders:

Distribute the books to your team (you can print the PDF or e-mail/text them the eBook) before your mission trip. Go over each of the chapters at team meetings and talk through the discussion questions to help your students prepare their hearts for mission. Encourage specific application. Help students envision how these principles will play-out on your specific mission trip.